Ghost Bottle | "Floreat"

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Ghost Bottles are salvaged glass brewing vessels or "demijohns". Repeatedly painted and sanded to reveal layers of colour across a smooth or textured surface, Ghost Bottles have an almost ceramic tactility. They are one-of-a-kind pieces resembling artefacts dredged from the ocean or found on the seashore, touched by oceanic life and bleached by the sun. With an enveloping sky, uninterrupted white sand and good swell, Floreat Beach in Perth, Western Australia, was the closest to my childhood home. Next door was the dog beach, along which my joyful and salty Staffy would chase the waves.

Dimensions: ~17cm x 31cm | Colours: Warm blues, white, sunset pink and yellow. 

Milk paint provides rich colour and, when layered, an unpredictable crackle. For textured bottles, a mix of clay and calcium carbonate powder creates a built-up surface in which leaf matter or textiles are imprinted, and sometimes left.