Wallpaper Installation Guidelines

Wallpaper Installation Guidelines

Paste-the-wall wallpaper is a cleaner, easier and less wasteful process than other methods. However if possible I recommend the assistance of a professional decorator, particularly for irregular room dimensions. 

Measuring and calculating your project requirements

When measuring the height and width of your walls add an extra 15cm to allow for trimming. 

To determine the number of rolls you need, check the size of the repeat and follow these steps:

A: Calculate the number of vertical lengths obtained from each roll: divide the number of repeats per roll length (10m) by the number per wall height.  

B: Calculate the number of vertical lengths required to cover the total width of the wall/s: divide total wall width by the roll width (52cm).

B/A = no. of. required rolls.

When calculating the number of rolls it's important to allow for errors and natural wastage which occurs when matching repeats. 

Checking your order

Check the colours match between rolls and from edge to edge on each roll. 

Check that the number of rolls matches your order and the number required to complete the installation. 

Check a section of each roll for damage or faults before hanging. After two lengths have been hung check again. If you find any fault or damage then stop the installation and contact me straight away. 

I can’t accept a claim for damaged or faulty wallpaper in excess of one roll where the damage or fault was visible prior to hanging, nor any associated costs. This does not affect your statutory rights.


You must ensure the wall surface is clean, dry and pretreated.

Remove any existing wallpaper and lining papers, including any residual adhesive.

Roughen any gloss painted surfaces with sandpaper.

Treated any mould with a quality product.

Seal any cracks or holes in existing plaster, including small holes from nails or picture hooks. Sand down any bumps and scrape any powdery or flaky patches. Apply a surface size containing fungicide to repaired areas. 

Pretreat any new plaster or absorbent surfaces with a surface size containing fungicide.

I recommend you pre-line the walls with a suitably coloured, quality lining paper before installation.


Please use a ready mixed adhesive designed specifically for paste-the-wall products. It's important the adhesive contains fungicide.  

A note about straight matches

All of my wallpaper designs are a straight match, where the pattern matches horizontally across the width of the wallpaper. This means each length pasted to the wall should be identical. 

Hanging instructions

Measure 50cm (20”) out from a corner on a wall adjacent to a window wall (so any overlap doesn’t cast a shadow). Using a plumb line, draw a vertical line from ceiling to floor, giving you a straight edge to which you will align your first vertical length.

Check the wallpaper design unrolls the right way up. You may hang directly from the roll or alternatively pre-cut your vertical lengths, allowing for trimming of the ends. 

Following the paste manufacturer’s instructions, paste an area of the wall, slightly wider than the plumb line, evenly and generously.

Slide the paper into position, aligning one edge with the vertical plumb line. The opposite edge should now wrap

Smooth down the paper with a soft wallpaper brush or clean soft cloth, from the centre of the length out, removing any air bubbles. 

Trim the top and bottom edges with a utility knife.  

Avoid adhesive contamination on the face of the wallpaper, wiping off any surplus paste immediately with a damp soft cloth (avoiding all soaps and cleaning products). 

Repeat with the remaining lengths, matching the pattern and butt-joining the edges across the face of the wall.


Please feel free to contact me with any queries regarding your wallpaper and its installation.