Greenhouse - Vintage Rose - Wallpaper Lampshade - Black Trim

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An eye-catching lampshade featuring Wild Lone's Greenhouse wallpaper in Vintage Rose, inside and out! This unconventional, all-wallpaper combination showcases the paper's slight pearlescence under the glow of the bulb, with its fibrous texture adding a tactile quality. Vintage Rose's tonal variation between a cooler, delicate pink and a warmer, antique rose subtly transforms in different light. Black trim to the top and bottom edge creates a sleek, cabaret-esque finish!*

Wild Lone's lampshades make beautiful and functional interior accessories, introducing a splash of Greenhouse's kaleidoscopic, Art Nouveau and Japanese pattern - no feature wall required!

Please note: product images with different wallpaper combinations are there to illustrate the Vintage Rose wallpaper and black trim, where exact product photos aren't yet available. 


  • Our standard sizes are listed in the product drop down. See also our guide.


  • Ornamental Blue and Vintage Rose are currently available as a duo (inside/outside) in the standard range.
  • As printed colours may appear slightly different to those on your monitor, we recommend you order a sample or contact us regarding colour, look and feel.

Pendant or table lamp?

  • Greenhouse has a mirrored repeat, both horizontally and vertically. Your our lampshade can therefore be used as a pendant or a table lamp and you don’t need to specify this when you order.
  • Due to Greenhouse’s mirrored repeat and intricate design, we can apply the wallpaper continuously along the length of the lampshade, whatever the size. This allows a close pattern match at the outside join whilst avoiding additional seams on the outside of the shade.

Finishing and trimmings

  • All sizes and designs are available with either a classic rolled edge or with trimming to the top and bottom edges.

Make and light direction

  • A layer of wallpaper is adhered to either side of a rigorously tested and fire-resistant, PVC backing panel. The result is a strong but sleek, opaque design. The opacity keeps the colour and design of the outer layer undiluted and means the overall direction of light is vertical.

Frames and fittings 

  • Our industry-standard frames and ring sets are classic white, however black or gold ring sets are available in 20cm, 30cm and 40cm wide shades. Images of all colours are included in the product image gallery.
  • Our frames accommodate both European and UK lamp holders, with an adaptor included.
B22 Bayonet Cap (UK) - with adaptor fitted
E14 Edison Screw (EU) - with adaptor fitted
E27 Edison Screw (EU) - with adaptor removed
  • Bulbs and lamps/flex fittings picture are not included. We recommend you use energy-efficient bulbs and refer to the lamp or flex manufacturer’s guidelines regarding maximum wattage.

Ordering and delivery

  • Wild Lone’s lampshades are made-to-order, with a current lead time of 3-4 weeks. We’ll keep you updated at all times throughout the process of your order.
  • As made-to-order items, lampshades are non-returnable unless faulty (please see our Terms of Service). We therefore recommend you make use of our sample service or contact us with any queries.
  • We’ll be more than happy to talk you through your options and help however way we can. There are also ways we can help you visualise the design in your home (complimentary), prior to your purchase.

 Bespoke orders

  • Bespoke sizes and shapes are possible (and in time we hope to offer more to order directly from the online store). Please get in touch if you require something different or would like any advice on what dimensions are right for you.